Progressive Hair Loss Combo- For Sensitive Scalp

for progressive, gradual, genetic hair loss - hormonal and hereditary

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Astera Fresh Soothing Freshness Concentrate (50 ml)

A bi-phase, cooling, pre-shampoo concentrate featuring Asteraceae extract plus Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils to instantly soothe and calm irritated and itchy scalps while helping to reduce inflammation. This premium glass bottle delivers precise dosage for application and features an exclusively targeted scalp massager tip to help increase microcirculation.

Forticea Energizing Shampoo (250 ml) worth Rs. 2300/-

Forticea stimulating shampoo perfectly complements René Furterer treatments for Hair Loss - Triphasic Progressive Scalp Serum and Triphasic Reactional Scalp Serum. Formulated with Guarana Extract and a Trio of Essential Oils, energize the scalp and strengthen hair from roots to ends, this fortifying daily-use shampoo effectively cleanses, nourishes, maintains vitality and delivers essential nutrients precisely where they are needed most for beautiful and strong hair.


Product Benefits

  • Natural Guarana energizes the scalp and helps optimize hair strength.
  • Encapsulated essential oils of Orange, Lavender and Rosemary help purify the scalp and promote microcirculation when massaged in.
  • Hair is fortified from the roots.
  • Leaves hair soft and easy to style.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • 91% natural-origin ingredients.
  • Vegan, biodegradable and Dermatologist tested.


Triphasic Progressive Concentrated Serum (8 VIALS x 5.5 ml)- 1 month treatment

In cases of progressive hair loss, the anagen phase is shorter, hair growth cycles are out of control, and existing hair thins out. Triphasic Progressive’s formula is more effective than ever, extending the hair’s life cycle with its three active phases combined with an exclusive massaging applicator tip and Biotrinine*, the unique key ingredient for stimulating hair growth. It plays a role at the three decisive moments in the anagen phase (Formation, Growth, Maturity), acting in perfect synergy with ATP, Pfaffia and Squash seed. The hair growth cycle is extended, slowing down the rate of hair loss. From the first month, hair is redensified and the scalp is less visible. 7,490 more hairs after three months of treatment**. The No. 1 anti-hair loss treatment in France***.Reactivates hair growth

  • No-rinse, drug-free solution* for progressive, hereditary hormonal hair thinning.
  • Addresses the three main factors that contribute to this type of thinning hair.
  • ATP Intensif, Pfaffia extract and essential oils of Orange and Lavender energize the scalp and optimize the environment for healthy hair.
  • Biotrinine, a botanical complex featuring extracts of Nasturtium and Watercress, provides nutrients to support natural hair growth.
  • Curbicia (squash seed) extract reduces excess oil.
  • HMC and Licorice Extract help reduce micro-irritation and protect the hair bulb.
  • Single-dose ampoules and stimulating massage applicator tip for easy, precise and controlled application to the scalp.

Made in France
Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique
45, Place Abel-Gance
92100 Baulogne - Paris – France