Dry Dandruff Relief Combo

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Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Exfoliating Gel (75 ml)
Melaleuca Anti-dandruff exfoliating gel gently exfoliates the scalp with micro-ionized apricot extracts for lasting cleansing action. The soothing oxygenizing sensation is reinforced by the cooling properties of menthol.

Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Dry, Flaky Scalp (150 ml)
Melaleuca Anti-dandruff shampoo with cleansing essential oils totally eliminates dry dandruff, all while limiting relapses. It hydrates the hair and scalp with rich Carthamus oil.

Naturia Dry Shampoo (75ml) FREE
Naturia Dry shampoo is the ideal travel companion for clean hair any time during the day. Thanks to its unique technology, with 4 absorbent powders, it cleans hair without water, absorbing oil and impurities, all while adding texture to hair. The beige color blends with the scalp, for an invisible look. Hair has an enchanting scent with restored texture, volume, and lightness.


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