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Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Exfoliating Gel (75 ml)
Melaleuca Anti-dandruff exfoliating gel gently exfoliates the scalp with micro-ionized apricot extracts for lasting cleansing action. The soothing oxygenizing sensation is reinforced by the cooling properties of menthol.

Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Dry, Flaky Scalp (150 ml)
Melaleuca Anti-dandruff shampoo with cleansing essential oils totally eliminates dry dandruff, all while limiting relapses. It hydrates the hair and scalp with rich Carthamus oil.


Made in France
Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique
45, Place Abel-Gance
92100 Baulogne - Paris – France


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