Our Products

All our products are crafted with rare and precious essential oils for the beauty and health of your hair

Complexe 5 Regenerating Plant Extract
tone and fortify scalp
₹ 4,000.00
out of stock
Astera Fresh Soothing Freshness Fluid
instant relief- sensitive and irritated scalp
₹ 3,200.00
out of stock
Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo
anti-hair loss complement
₹ 700.00
out of stock
Triphasic Reactional Anti-Hair Loss Serum (pack of 12 X 5 ml)
For Sudden, Temporary Hair Loss caused due to pregnancy, stress etc.
₹ 6,500.00
out of stock
Triphasic Progressive Concentrated Serum For Hair Loss (pack of 8 X 5.5 ml)
progressive, gradual, genetic hair loss - hormonal and hereditary
₹ 6,500.00
out of stock

Our Philosophy

An exclusive method of hair care and massages for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair





Awaken your senses with a sumptuous hair care experience

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