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All our products are crafted with rare and precious essential oils for the beauty and health of your hair

Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo
anti-hair loss complement
MRP 900.00
out of stock
Triphasic Texturizing Detangling Conditioner
Ideal complement for hair loss treatments
MRP 2,300.00
out of stock
Absolue Kératine Repairing Shampoo
repair, nourish and regenerate - damaged, brittle hair
MRP 800.00
out of stock
Absolue Keratine Ultimate Repairing Mask- Fine to Medium Hair
sublime renewal leave-in cream
MRP 3,500.00
out of stock
Triphasic Reactional Anti-Hair Loss Serum (pack of 12 X 5 ml)
For Sudden, Temporary Hair Loss caused due to pregnancy, stress etc.
MRP 7,000.00
out of stock

Our Philosophy

An exclusive method of hair care and massages for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair




Hair Loss Treatments

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