Having spent his boyhood in a village in Provence, René Furterer’s senses were sharpened from an early age to the fragrances and colors that would inspire his future formulas. Some years later, the young René Furterer was working as a hairdresser in his wife’s Parisian salon. At that time, women longed for the platinum curls of Marilyn Monroe, but no hair care products were available to repair the damage caused by so many styling techniques.

The solution he devised was his Karité nourishing mask, which still today continues to revitalize and repair even the most damaged hair. He went on to create Complexe 5, a miraculous elixir of essential oils that has become an indispensable step in the beauty routine. René Furterer then embarked on the pursuit of an innovative vision:
“Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil.”

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In 1957, René Furterer created a method he called Etheirology, an original philosophy built around a healthy scalp and beautiful hair (etheirology, from the Greek etheira, hair, and etheiro, to treat). He began practicing this approach in his first Hair Spa in Paris by developing a three-phase “Prepare, Cleanse, and Treat” method, which offers a custom treatment ritual based on techniques carefully selected according to a sophisticated preliminary diagnosis.

The preparation phase involves stimulating the scalp with Complexe 5. The second phase, “Cleanse,” uses a shampoo suited to the scalp’s specific condition. The third and final phase, “Treat,” introduces a deep treatment for the scalp and hair lengths. For the very first time, women experienced an unparalleled, stimulating experience with natural, rich, and custom-made hair care products: the recipe for exquisite hair was thus concocted.

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René Furterer continued to push the boundaries: he was the first to create plant-based hair care products offering the luxury of being both ultra-effective and highly appealing to the senses. He selected rare and precious essential oils and transformed these quintessences of plants into an ultimate nectar, enhancing their therapeutic powers. Each essential oil was chosen to offer a specific sensory experience based on its virtues.

Primarily processed at the Gaillac site in France, these plant-based key ingredients are transformed into ultra-effective formulas obtained through unique expertise that respects the environment (ISO 14001 certification).
The René Furterer brand seeks to transfigure and enhance nature, but always in a principled and responsible manner, with the certified “Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre” approach. All the brand’s innovations therefore respect, protect, and preserve the plant world. 

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Each essential oil was chosen to offer a specific sensory experience based on its virtues.

Soft Castor Center

A rich and generous unction that gives the hair a sunny radiance.

Camelina delicacy

Miraculous buds to nourish and regenerate the hair.

Okara BeadS

Drops delicately extracted from the soy bean that release their restorative power to repair damaged hair.

Breezy Asteraceae

A sweet breath of wind to soothe the scalp.

Curbicia Vol-au-vent

A light burst that regulates and cleanses the scalp.

Carob Soufflé

An explosion of volume.

Shea butter coating

An ancient and extraordinary kernel with deep nourishing properties.

Silky Alkekengi

Silky softness for untameable hair.

Iced Acerola

Exquisite cherry bursting with vitality that reveals the shine in dull hair..

Full-bodied Acanthus

Flowers in delicate bunches to enhance curls.

Exhilarating Orange

An irresistible burst of vitamins with a light and delicious fragrance to stimulate the hair.

Spirited Guarana

A concentrate of energizing key ingredients to strengthen the hair.

Lavender frenzy

The astonishing warmth of lavender to reinvigorate lifeless hair.

Explosion of Pfaffia

A precious elixir with the energy to revitalize the hair fiber.