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This Website was developed for RENE FURTERER S.A.S,
with share capital of EUR 38,250.00 and registered offices at 45, place Abel Gance
92100 BOULOGNE - France, under SIREN 403 271 398 in the Register of Companies in Nanterre and acting on behalf of its brand "René Furterer" (hereinafter "René Furterer"),

Publications Director

Gilles DAURE, Brand Director



Held by:

CIS VALLEY, simplified public limited liability company (S.A.S.) with a share capital of 2 500 000 Euros, registered in the BORDEAUX Trade and Companies Register under number B 410 100 747, headquartered in Chemin de l’Hermite BP 70081 - 33523 BRUGES


12 rue James Watt - 93200 Saint-Denis
Standard : +33 1 55 84 66 00

René Furterer invites you to visit its Website, which may be found at the following URL:www.renefurterer.com

Please carefully read the conditions set out below before visiting the Website. Use of the Website is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions. Consequently, any person visiting the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "User") declares that, before accessing the site, he has read and unconditionally accepted the conditions for use and undertakes to adhere to them and the regulations defined below under all circumstances:

1. Intellectual property rights of René Furterer
2. Personal data
3. Site use
4. Amendment of conditions of use
5. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

1. Intellectual property rights of René Furterer

The René Furterer Website constitutes intellectual property and is thus protected by the laws governing intellectual property. The Website and each of its constituent elements (such as brands, logos, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, video clips, etc.) are the sole property of René Furterer, which is the only party entitled to make use of the related intellectual property and individual rights, with the latter granting no licenses nor any rights other than the right to view the Website for strictly personal and private use.

Any documents published on the Website may only be copied for the purposes of information and are strictly for private and personal use. Any reproduction and/or representation of all or any part of this Website, or of any of its constituent elements, on any type of medium for any other purposes, especially with a commercial objective, is hereby explicitly prohibited.

With the exception of the aforementioned circumstances, any other form of reproduction or representation of the Website may only take place with the explicit prior consent of René Furterer. Any request for permission of this kind is to be forwarded to the following address :



« Les Cauquillous »
81506 Lavaur Cedex

Any unauthorized use constitutes a punishable offense.

Likewise, the creation of hypertext links to the website may only take place with the prior written consent of René Furterer. René Furterer cannot be held liable for the content, advertisements, products or services available on or via any other sites linked to the Website.

Moreover, all the brands mentioned on the Website are registered trademarks and thus protected. Any utilization of any of the aforementioned brands requires the explicit and written prior consent of René Furterer, failing which such utilization constitutes a breach of copyright.

In addition, except with the explicit consent of René Furterer, the User shall not be authorized to include a hypertext link on his own website directing visitors to the Website and/or to the pages it contains.

All requests for authorization are to be sent in writing to the following address:



« Les Cauquillous »
​81506 Lavaur Cedex

Any unauthorized use of the website under the conditions as set out herein shall constitute a punishable offense.

2. Personal data

René Furterer may proceed to collect personal data for the User, i.e.:

- where the User has completed a personalized assessment, whether or not the results have been sent to him by e-mail.

- where the User subscribes to the René Furterer newsletter.

These personal data will be automatically processed and may be used in various ways:

a. Statistical studies:
We collate, analyze and compare the personal data of our Users with the aim of accurately defining their profile, thus enabling us to better adapt our services to their needs. These statistical studies are strictly confidential and remain the sole property of René Furterer. They are not disclosed to third parties.
b. Provision of services: such as forwarding your personalized assessment to you by e-mail or sending you our newsletter if you have ticked the relevant box to indicate your willingness to receive the newsletter in the e-mailed assessment form.

In accordance with the provisions of Act No. 78-17 dated 6th January 1978, as amended, which governs information technology, files and rights, the User is hereby informed that he has the right to access, object to, correct and erase his personal data. To exercise this right, the User may send an e-mail to the following address:



« Les Cauquillous »
​81506 Lavaur Cedex

René Furterer undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of any personal data transmitted by the User within the framework of his use of the Website.

Moreover, subject to having obtained the User's explicit prior consent to the collection of his data, René Furterer may send the User direct advertisements by e-mail.

Finally, subject to having obtained the User's explicit prior consent to the collection of his data, René Furterer may proceed with the transfer of the User's data to its partners.

3. Website use

a. Use of Website content
René Furterer makes every effort to update the Website content and to provide users with accurate information. However, the User knows that the transmission of data and information via the Internet can only be relatively technically secure, as such data are circulated on a variety of networks. Thus René Furterer cannot guarantee the accuracy of any data provided on the Website. Notification of any error or omission is to be sent to the following e-mail address: contact.furterer@pierre-fabre.com

Any use of the Website that is contrary to its original intention and any violation of these regulations may give rise to the institution of criminal or civil proceedings in terms of the law.

b. Access to the Website
René Furterer will attempt to keep the Website accessible, but without incurring any obligations in this regard. It is hereby stipulated that, for the purposes of maintenance, updates or any other technical reason, access to the Website may be interrupted from time to time. René Furterer cannot be held liable for any such interruption or the consequences this may have for the User. In any event, René Furterer will attempt to maintain a high quality standard of its content and services, adapted to the standard information technology systems available on the market. However, René Furterer cannot guarantee that there will be no errors, faults or design mistakes that could render the use and/or installation of the Website impossible. René Furterer cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect consequences and/or any damage caused by a defect and/or piracy of its software.

c. Hypertext links placed on the Website
The hypertext links on the Website may take the User to the websites of various partners. It is hereby stated that René Furterer has not verified all the websites which may be linked to its own, their content or the information they present; consequently René Furterer declines any responsibility for the content of such sites and for the User's use thereof. Any access to such websites by the User shall be at the sole responsibility of the User.

d. Cookies and other evidence of connection
A "cookie" is a small piece of computer software representing a block of numerical data forwarded to your browser by a web server and stored on the hard disk of your computer, your digital tablet or your telephone (hereafter collectively termed "the Equipment").

In terms of this section, the term "cookies" refers to any technology referred to in Section 32-II of the Act dated 6th January 1978, as amended.

Certain "cookies" may contain information of a private nature that will identify you as a physical user and/or identify your Equipment. They will permit the Website to recognize which parts of our activities would be of interest to you and thus to convey to you a content inclined to correspond to your interests. It is stated in this regard that the period for which the information recorded by the "cookies" may be stored by your Equipment may not exceed 13 months.

The Website makes use of "cookies" in order to collect statistics (e.g.: an estimate of the number of Website visits made, the geographical regions in which the Users are located) in order to improve the Website functions and your browsing experience (e.g. to prioritize or optimize our Website for any user and any type of color display) and to ensure browsing security, especially by counteracting fraud and spam mail.

The "cookies" of third parties may also be recorded on your Equipment and are aimed at personalizing and/or improving the content, including advertising, which may be used during your browsing session. As part of the medium, various third-party "cookies" may be stored, especially the following:

  • Social network "cookies" may be installed on your Equipment when you make use of one of our media on which the content of social networks is published. Please take note of our policy regarding the management of such "cookies" from social networks on the websites of the social networks concerned.

  • Flash® cookies are files stored by the Flash® software installed to display dynamic objects such as graphic animations or video sequences. Thus Flash® "cookies" may be installed when using the Flash® application. Please take note of our policy regarding the management of Flash® "cookies" on the website of the software publishing company.

  • Target "cookies" defined by a third party such as an advertiser may be used to disseminate advertisements that are better targeted to you or your interests. For example, you may be presented with advertisements for our products when you visit other websites. They will also serve to limit the number of times an advertisement is shown and help to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These "cookies" also trace your visits to various websites.

Moreover, we may place our own "cookies" onto media belonging to third parties who are our partners and who advertise our brands and/or our products. Such "cookies" are mainly intended to present you with content adapted to your interests and to keep a record of visits to our content (including advertisements).

By continuing to use our Website, you accept our use of "cookies" in accordance with the description given in this section.

Internet browsers are habitually parametrized to accept such "cookies". You are entitled to object to their presence and to refuse or delete them. It is thus possible for you to delete them from your Equipment by consulting the help page of your browser and objecting to the storage of such "cookies", thus deactivating this function in your browser.

To amend these parameters, click on the "Options" or "Preferences" menu in your browser. The following links to the most commonly used browsers may be consulted in order to find out more about these parameters. If your browser is not listed, use the "Help" function of your browser to obtain further details.

Cookie parameters for Internet Explorer
Cookie parameters for Firefox
Cookie parameters for Google Chrome
Cookie parameters for Safari andiOS

The methods used to deactivate the "cookies" are defined on the website of the National Information Technology and Rights Commission (CNIL) in its section on "cookies and other trackers" and may be viewed at the following web address: http://www.cnil.fr

Remember that if you make use of a range of Equipment in various locations, you must ensure that each browser has been configured to include your cookie preferences.

You may amend your settings regarding the acceptance or refusal of our "cookies" at any time.

Please note that, if you deactivate "cookies", certain website content will become inaccessible to you and you may thus not necessarily have access to all the functions of this Website.

4. Amendment of conditions of use

René Furterer reserves the right to amend these conditions for Website use at any time, especially with the purpose of adhering to any new regulations or legislation applicable and/or with the aim of improving the User's experience when using the Website. Any amendment of the Website use is to be integrated into these conditions.

5. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These conditions for Website use are subject to French law.
Any litigation related to the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these conditions for use shall be brought before the courts in Nanterre.