Karite Nutri Rituals

Nourshing & Oxygenating
Tresor of richness, from hydration to nourishment

Nothing beats the NOURISHING and OXYGENATING rituals for cleansing, purifying and intensely nourishing the dry or oily scalps and repairing dry / very dry hair. Shea butter, an extract from the nuts of the sacred West African tree, provides infinite richness for infinitely soft, silky and shiny hair.

Discover this customized ritual for oily & dry/ very dry, damaged hair.

Absolue Kératine Ritual

Reveal the original beauty of extremely damaged, brittle hair

ABSOLUE KERATINE ultra-repairing ritual is essential for revealing the original beauty of extremely damaged or brittle hair. Rich in amino acids similar to those comprising the hair's natural keratin, Plant Keratin helps lifeless hair regain its original strength and beauty.

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Triphasic VHT ATP Intensive Ritual

Progressive Hair Loss
Treat hair loss and extend the life of each hair

The PROGRESSIVE HAIR LOSS ritual is unbeatable for treating hair loss and extending the life of each hair. The 3 active phases of TRIPHASIC VHT ATP Regenerating treatment work deep within the follicular papilla to provide targeted action on each factor responsible for gradual and hereditary hair loss: vascular, hormonal and tissue-based.

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Sudden Hair Loss
Halt sudden hair loss and quickly reactivate growth

The SUDDEN HAIR LOSS ritual is unbeatable for slowing down hair loss and reactivating growth. Extract of Pfaffia, a plant originating in the Amazon rainforest, is combined with Lemon and Sage essential oils as well as plant peptides to provide essential energy and nutrition to the scalp in RF 80 ATP ENERGIE Concentrated serum.

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Astera Fresh Ritual

Instantly soothe the heat of irritated scalps

The SOOTHING ritual is unbeatable for instantly soothing the heat of irritated scalps. Aster extract is combined with cooling Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils to calm and refresh irritated scalps.

Find out more about this made-to-measure soothing ritual.

Melaleuca Ritual

Eliminate dandruff and cleanse the scalp

The ANTI-DANDRUFF ritual is essential for eliminating dandruff and preventing bacteria from multiplying. Extracted from the Australian tea tree, Melaleuca essential oil cleanses, purifies and soothes scalps suffering from dandruff.

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Okara Protect Color Ritual

Color Radiance
Protect and enhance the radiance of colored hair

The COLOR RADIANCE ritual is unbeatable for retaining radiant color for longer. Okara extract from soya beans is combined with Witch Hazel extract to restructure the hair and retain the colored pigments deep within the hair fiber.